Portable PowerShell for V3 Beta

April 25th, 2012 by Karl

We have released Portable PowerShell for V3 Beta. We have only gotten the 32bit version working so there is no 64 Bit, and also no ISE. We won’t be looking further into the issues we had with both until there is a next version of V3 whether its another CTP\Beta\Release Candidate or RTM. Also not all features may work. For instance I know that workflow doesn’t work. Many things do but we haven’t done a full feature comparison.

an important thing is if there are issues, don’t presume it’s a PowerShell V3 Bug, as it could be related to Portable PowerShell. Please do not submit bugs to Microsoft until you’ve validated them on real PowerShell.

You can go to and download it from there and also download the original Portable PowerShell that covers V1 and V2 both 32 and 64 bit, and also ISE.

or you can directly Download Portable PowerShell


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  1. Episode 184 – Michiel Wories from Microsoft talks SQL2012 and PowerShell « PowerScripting Podcast Says:

    [...] Karl Prosser has released the Portable PowerShell for v3 Beta [...]

  2. Brian Says:

    How do I specify a profile on the thumbdrive to use instead of using my existing PowerShell Profile? I tried moving the profile from the example folder to the Portable Powershell root folder where PortablePowershell.exe is located, but that didn’t seem to work. Do I have to change a config file somewhere? Thanks! Looks awesome so far!

  3. Mike Merrett Says:

    Seriously Karl… you’re bordering on genius – been using PPS for 2+ years on servers where it’s denied by policy or omission. However – more and more of these are x64… is there a big problem with accomplishing that?
    Secondly, some servers won’t run portable ISE 2.0 in x64 mode [while they run 32-bit just fine].

    All in all though I recommend PPS to anyone!

  4. Tom Says:

    No way this looks amazing. I have been hoping something like this would come out. I can’t wait to give it a try.

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